Church History In Pictures
      In over 30 years of church history there have been a lot of moments to remember. Unfortunately, most do not ever get captured on cameras to view later. However, some moments HAVE been photographed and we have a few to present. As you look through the following pictures if you are or were a member, they may bring back special memories to you. If you are a visitor. you can get an idea of how things have progressed and the Lord has blessed over the years.

      We'd like to encourage anyone else who has some photos concerning the history of Faith Baptist Church to please get them to use. Whether they are digital (on your computer) or just a regular print, we can use it. Please see the Pastor or write to us here on the website to let us know if you have something we could use. Remember, what may not be of any interest to you, could bring back a lot of memories to someone else!

      We will be updating this section as soon as possible with other pictures and as much information as we can find out about each individual picture. If you know any information about a particular picture or pictures, or can identify individual people in group pictures, please let us know.

(Click the image below to view a larger image of that picture)

Early Church   Early Youth Outing   Youth Outing   Pastor With New Sign   Pastor Parker With Christmas Present

Pastor With Dr. Bob Jones III   Future Home Sign   Frank Hartley   Church Plaque   Baptism River

Youth Outing   Church Group   Pastor & Mrs. Parker   A River Baptism   Beulah Blair with her great-niece
After Lightning Struck Church   Repair Work After Lightning   Floor damage after storm   Ceiling on floor   Burning of the bank note

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